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  • Roary Aka Alric Berard
    Apr 16 6:12 PM
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      1) Well Time is an important issue for many reasons first you have classes you may wish to attend, activities you wish to participate in, places you need to be, or for health reasons medication that needs to be take.

      I personally have a watch that I carry within my leather bag that I carry with me every where I go. Its my medieval version of a messenger bag. When I need to know what time it is I discretely look into my bag. I have a camp mate that must take medication a regular intervals so she has her cell phone that sends out alerts.

      As for mornings when I use to work in the market and I needed to make sure I was up in the morning (I am not a early riser by any stretch the the imagination) I had a alarm clock in my tent. I made sure it was a one of my less obnoxious ones (trying not to bother my neighbors). But I also informed my neighbors and made sure that I did not let the alarm go off for ever and a day.

      2) A valid concern. There have been times when a weather emergency or bad storm has entered the area. Pennsic responds well with these and word gets around quickly. There are people who travel in golf carts constantly through out the site. So when an emergency happens they are informed and on there routes they stop at individual camp sites and pass on the news.

      3) This depends a lot on where you are camping. If you are camping with a group they may have something set up. My camp has a sink area just for fellow campers to brush there teeth and was the face. We also have our own shower. The waste water goes into the hole dug for the water to run into.

      5) I don't even try. I slip in and out of accents (mainly due to my years of working at a Renaissance Festival) but I don't really put any effort into it at Pennsic.


      "Sell a country! Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth? Didn't the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children?"
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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Many thanks


      Good Even,

      I am indebted to all who posted with advice, answers and links in response to my SCA/Pennsic newbie questions. Thank you for your time and effort - it is not wasted, and will be taken to heart.

      A few more questions, if I may presume upon you again:

      1. How do people keep track of time at Pennsic? I assume there is no cryer going about announcing the time. If a watch is the answer, how does one wear and/or check it discreetly if one has short sleeves or no pockets? And what is the best way to make sure one arises in the morning at the right time? Is there a period option to a wind-up alarm clock?

      2. Not to sound paranoid, but is there any sort of warning system at Cooper's Lake if a tornado or dangerous thunderstorm were to approach? Outdoor sirens or ...?

      3. With space at a premium, where do people brush their teeth and wash their face in the a.m. at Pennsic? Discreetly behind one's tent? Is that where one would dump the water from a bowl after face-washing? I can't imagine 10,000 people walking to the showers every morning.

      4. I have a mountain dulcimer. I realize that instrument is not in period, but it is very similar to the German scheitholt, which is, and which is also very likely its ancestor. If I brought my dulcimer, will people mind that?

      5. Do people speak in period style and/or accents at Pennsic (especially if one has a persona, such as mine, which is Tudor Scottish)? Is it OK to try? Is it OK to speak normally (though not of mundanity, of course), or to do some of both if unable to keep it up indefinitely?

      6. We would like to visit our kingdom's royal encampment and/or attend court to observe and introduce ourselves. Does one need an invitation? Does it depend on the kingdom?

      Thank you again for your courteous assistance. I tried to read up before re-posting, but I apologize if this is covered somewhere I missed.

      Elspeth Elphinstone of DunRobin

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