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  • ElleD
    Apr 11, 2013
      Good Morn to All,

      I am new to the SCA and jumping right into the pool with plans to attend my first Pennsic War this summer. A few first-timer questions:

      1. Does one normally show up in garb, or do people usually unpack, set up tent, etc. in mundane wear and then change?

      2. If Land Grab is the first Saturday, then I shouldn't show up before Sunday, right?

      3. My persona is late period Scottish Tudor. I'm working on my garb now. I'd like to use lightweight wool for the dress and linen for the chemise, but I'm worried that will be too hot. On the other hand, I've heard the nights can be chilly. Can anyone who has attended regularly tell me what range of temperatures to expect, what temperature is most prevalent, and whether he or she would wear lightweight wool at Pennsic? I could have the entire outfit made out of linen and use a wool shawl in the evenings, though that won't look as Scottish.

      4. I haven't registered my name yet. Is that a necessity?

      5. My husband uses a CPAP machine at night for sleep apnea. I assume we would need to buy a marine battery to run it. He also likes a small fan running at night as white noise. Will these sounds bother our neighbors?

      6. I live in a quiet part of the KIngdom of Meridies, not close to even a shire. Is it OK to call myself a subject of the closest barony (South Downs, in my case)?

      7. What is the procedure for the Opening Ceremonies? Does one have to be invited to participate?

      Thank you for your patience with all these questions. As I mentioned, I don't live close to any active group in the SCA to attend meetings regularly, and so feel somewhat isolated.

      Liz/Elspeth Elphinstone of DunRobin
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