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17038Re: [SCA Newcomers] Pirates

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  • Ian Green
    Mar 9, 2013
      There are plenty of sea personalities in the SCA. We do have rapiers and
      such as well.

      But as it has been pointed out the swashbuckling pirates of yore, aren't
      yore enough to be in the time period of the SCA. Pirates have been around
      just about three seconds less than shipping has. The ancient phoenicians
      had to deal with them and so has everyone else ever since. There are even
      some notable female pirates in the SCA time period. I know a couple of
      people who have even received letters of marque from their crown, heck I
      helped with the wording and writing of one of them!

      So if you are willing to adjust your calendar back 100 years-ish to a less
      swashing time period you are most welcome to come and play with us.
      Permission granted to come aboard if ye be friend, meet the point of my
      sword if ye be foe, and if you are here to get the tax on the cargo I
      carry, you will find the bales of wool over there, no we haven't heard a
      thing about treasure being snuck in, we'll sure keep an ear out for you...

      Ian the Green

      On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 10:33 PM, An American <mrrjessup1@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Greetings I am interested in joining the SCA but my interest lay in the
      > sea and more specifically in the swashbuckling pirate like part of history
      > more of an independent merchant adventurer persona. Is there a place for
      > someone like me within the SCA or should I look elsewhere?
      > Ronel

      Yours In Service,

      THLord Ian the Green

      "Veritatem resistit simplicitate"

      My Blog <http://scribescribbling.wordpress.com/>

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