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  • aranwen_of_willowford
    Mar 7 3:31 PM
      Greetings Stephanie!

      You may want to get in touch with that barony directly. This list is society-wide, so many folks here can respond to help out, although the local group there can get more specific with you on the meeting and practice times, etc. I think you should be able to locate their specific website by looking up your zip on here:

      In general, unless you are trying to enter that costume/garb in an A&S competition, accuracy is not required! As long as you are making the best attempt that you can to not look modern, and to look medieval, this is generally accepted. :) So do not worry. Later as you make some more period-accurate items you can certainly swap over to those as you can. Some nice basic T-tunics are an easy start which spans a great deal of time which makes them appropriate for a wide range of our history. If you don't find any costume sewers in your local group, there are sure to be some folks on here or on one of the SCA Costuming lists who can get you started. If you do even any simple sewing at all, you can put together some accurate articles yourself without a great deal of effort, with a little knowledge! :)

      The group's Herald should be able to help you get started with name and (when you're ready) device registration. You can think about what you want to have registered on your own and start to look up some info to help the process. Some people end up going through their namesake or country of origin; for example, I was curious where my roots were from. I discovered Wales and ended up selecting a Welsh name that I liked. Heralds helped me find the spelling version appropriate for the right medieval era I found interesting. Or you can just look at other names for inspiration. :)

      I was going to type more, but the end of the day snuck up on me at work..
      ~Aranwen, who at least had a few thoughts to add to the answer.

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "stephanie" <chimericalgirl@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I found out about the SCA about a year ago and attended a few meetings but then I moved out of state for a while and just moved back and would like to get involved with the SCA again. I live in the Barony of Northkeep. I noticed on the website that the schedule has changed from what it was last year.
      > So my questions are-
      > when is Archery practice and Rapier practice?
      > Besides the archery and rapier lessons, what meetings would be good for newcomer to attend? The schedule was a bit confusing.
      > Also who can I talk to about choosing my name?
      > and lastly-I love costumes and own a ton but none of them are accurate and i know that that is a pretty big deal within the SCA. Is it ok to wear inaccurate costumes? Also is there someone I can talk to to help me research accurate costumes and it would be wonderful if there is someone who could make me a couple of costumes? (Id pay for them of course)
      > Thanks so much for all the help and sorry to bombard you all with so many questions!!
      > you can private email me at chimericalgirl@...
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