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17019Re: [SCA Newcomers] Possible newcomer to East Kingdom

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  • brangwayna
    Feb 23, 2013
      Hi, Amy!

      Please don't be intimidated. One of the great things about the SCA is that we don't expect spot-on historical accuracy from newcomers - or, indeed, from anyone! No-one will be offended if your first dress is a little crooked or if you don't speak your persona's language. Heck, I've been in 20 years and while I can read Middle English fairly well with the aid of a glossary, I certainly can't speak it! Don't underestimate the agility of a 40-year-old brain, either - you'll find there are many folks older than you in the SCA (I'll be 48 this year, and I'm not the oldest person in my small local group) who have very agile brains indeed!

      I know there are SCA FreeCycle groups. There may also be folks in your area who have outgrown garb or have changed personas and can pass on their old stuff. Another wonderful period idea that works well in the SCA is barter. You can trade your services (doesn't have to be a medieval skill, you can offer to watch someone's children at an event, or do their dishes in camp, or whatever - come to think of it, those ARE medieval skills) for things you need.

      Have you gotten in touch with your local group yet? That would be the first place to start to find folks who know what resources are available in your area. If you let us know your zip code we can sort you out pretty quickly on that.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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      From: Amy Augusta <amyrae12@...>
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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Possible newcomer to East Kingdom

      Hello, I'm in the process of exploring the idea of joining SCA. I've been looking at garb, personas, etc and am thoroughly intimidated! I can sew a very very little (like curtains), so I'm looking for either the easiest possible dress to make that is at least a little fitted, or better yet a site where SCA folk sell their gently used garb so I can try that out prior to testing my sewing skills to the limit.
      Does anyone know of such a site? I can't pay the $100s of dollars for the retail sites, many of which are cotton/poly blends anyway. My persona thoughts are either Viking or 15th century generic since those dresses look easy and more comfortable than the Viking apron dresses over multiple layers. I prefer simple when possible.

      Ideas? Suggestions for easy to start with personas/time periods. There is zero chance I'm learning any Norse...I'm 40yo and my brain isn't that agile anymore!

      Thank you,
      Amy who doesn't have a cooler name than that in Maine

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