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  • Deborah
    Feb 12, 2013
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      Im a newbie to sca, and just wondering if someone could please correspond with me about basic stuff i need to know?

      Im honestly rather clueless, other than I need to make garb, and guys that fight with swords are hawt. I have tent, and sleeping bag.

      I just joined another group that will teach me how to cook sca food. (yay i love to cook)

      i will be going to my first garb making meeting, but i would like to make connections, and kind of help my shire get a little better organized. i am hoping to make connections that can kind of teach me about the sca organization in general, and ideas for fun shire parties that are family friendly. :D

      i am working on a scottish persona: lark macintosh. Please let me know if this is an acceptable name.
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