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16967Re: [SCA Newcomers] Thanks!

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  • Justinos Tekton
    Jan 31, 2013
      On 01/30/2013 09:14 PM, shelbystein wrote:
      > I think it was mentioned that everyone is part of the nobility. Are there no serfs?

      We presume everyone to be "of noble birth" but not "of noble personal title"
      when they come into the SCA. That is, you are of a family line that the Lord
      High Muck-A-Muck would consider worthy of social interaction, but you have
      not yet inherited/been_awarded a *personal* status of rank.

      That is the presumption, with the effect that no one is ever forced to
      a serf. The life of a serf in the Middle Ages was a lot of hard work and
      poverty, so we don't expect anyone to want to do that as a hobby. We study
      the Middle Ages as they were, but re-create the Middle Ages as they
      should have

      All that being said, if anyone *wishes* to portray a serf, either as an
      alternate persona or as their main persona, it's not against the rules.

      There are also, even among those not portraying the lower class per se,
      cultural differences in how "minor nobility" is perceived and portrayed.
      For example, one new SCA member might wish to portray someone who is a
      very erudite and mannerly court hanger-on at Florence, whereas another new
      member might wish to portray a Norseman who thinks the whole notion of
      behavior is ridiculous and pretentious. One might say, "But of course all
      civilized folk understand the nuances of civility!", whereas the other might
      say, "Pshaw. A man of honor speaks the truth, plainly as he sees it, to the
      other man's face, and none of this whispering behind his back!" Both of
      gentles have the same SCA rank, but their personas' cultures would interpret
      that rank differently.

      With respect to doing chores at events and such, in our locale (Midrealm) it
      seems to be viewed one of two ways. Some people just temporarily suspend the
      illusion with respect to their persona..."There are dishes that need to be
      washed, and I'm going to help. For now, I'm just a guy washing dishes, not
      the Baron of Floobydust." On the other hand, as the *SCA* practices the art
      of nobility, helping out with scut work is not considered "beneath" those of
      high rank, but rather is esteemed as an act of "courtly generosity". It
      may or
      may not be period to have that attitude, but these are the Current Middle
      Ages, not the historical Middle Ages. :)

      Short answer: You are permitted to be a serf if you want, but no one can
      ever force you into that role.


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