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16961Re: [SCA Newcomers] A Woman's Place

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  • Alison Choyce
    Jan 30, 2013
      Now that is an excellent question!!

      First of all, it is a myth that women were inferior to men throughout the
      medieval period, there were cultures where the women were certainly viewed
      as property, but there were also cultures where the women had equality,
      could rule, own property and choose whether or not to marry. The Norse
      cultures are known for this.

      In the SCA, we try to learn and understand what the truth was, meaning that
      some of us try to understand how they thought. Religion is the biggest
      hurdle for us, because religion has a very different role in society today
      than it did then. We tend to pigeon-hole the importance of it, as in
      understanding that some people were more faithful than others. What is hard
      for us to comprehend is how ever present of a role religion played in all
      aspects of life, including how women were viewed.

      In the SCA, women hold every role that men can hold, women fight in
      tourneys, hold major offices, and do anything that they choose to do. We
      are very open in our thought processes. We re-enact 'best of the middle
      ages', we don't have too many people portraying lepers either.

      We are all considered to be at least minor nobility, thus the manner of
      addressing someone you don't know as m'lord, or m'lady (note the lower case
      "L", which indicates that either the person's status is unknown, or they
      have not yet received the Award of Arms)

      This is East Kingdom-centric, but feel free to read these articles, you may
      find useful information in them

      In service,
      Lady Alison Wodehalle
      East Kingdom

      On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 1:41 PM, shelbystein <shelbystein@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hi,I am Shelby. I am brand new to the SCA. I hadn't had any exposure to
      > the SCA until recently when I stumbled on the website. I was very happy to
      > find it! Don't know how I've missed it for all this time, but I'm glad to
      > be here!
      > One question is that I am assuming the SCA is not strictly literal to the
      > medieval period? For instance, the role of women being seen as inferior to
      > that of men.


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