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16932Re: Heraldry design thoughts, please?

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  • bianca_di_alessandro
    Dec 19, 2012
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      Here are some more responses, on the subject of local heralds (not sure if the email links are going to come through) and also about your design in particular:

      --- In EKHerEd@yahoogroups.com, Marc <Commander.Truestar@...> wrote:
      > Hmm,
      > According to Forgotten Seas, their heraldic post
      > is vacant at the moment, but hey have many close neighbor groups...
      > Lord Gaston de Lurs is the Herald of Shire of
      > Calanais Nuadh (gaston.de.lurs@...)
      > Aston Tor's herald can be reached at herald@...
      > There are more on the Kingdom Map, so heralds are close by :D
      > Mithgiladan

      --- In EKHerEd@yahoogroups.com, Alissa Pyrich <alys.mackyntoich@...> wrote:
      > Still swamped, but I can point him at some on line resources. His design
      > isn't incredibly Scottish. It's also very uncommon in Anglo-Scots heraldry
      > for animals to be holding things, unless they have specific jobs, like a
      > crane in its viligance.
      > According to Academy of St. Gabriel Report 2511, some features typical of
      > period Scots heraldry include:
      > * simple, balanced designs
      > * single charges or sets of three charges
      > * a group of identical charges around a fess, a bend, or a chevron
      > * strongly contrasting foreground and background colors; specifically,
      > combinations of blue, red, or black with white/silver and yellow/gold
      > * canting, i.e. using a main charge whose name sounds similar to your
      > surname.
      > The Heraldry Society of Scotland discusses things that make arms
      > particularly Scottish: http://www.heraldry-scotland.co.uk/distinctive.html
      > While this is English rather than Scots, it gives an excellent feel for
      > period style: http://members.shaw.ca/yagowe/caerlaverock/rollpic.html
      > Sorry to link and run,
      > Alys
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