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16897Re: [SCA Newcomers] Unique names and name help

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  • Alison Choyce
    Sep 27, 2012
      Hi Sheree!

      There are so many thoughts I have on your query. First and simplest is
      that, you most certainly can have portions of the same name as someone else
      in the SCA, not identical full names, but many people may have the same
      first name, or many may have the same last name (sir name, by-name, etc).
      You cannot have a name that makes assumptions as to who you are, for
      instance you cannot be Henry Tudor, though you could be Henry Black.

      Aryanhwy is a well known herald, who is known for her name research as you
      have discovered. She is one of many people who writes articles for the
      Academy of Saint Gabriel, which is a SCAdian subgroup of volunteers who
      have an interest and do somewhat intensive research on topics that fall
      under the heading of 'herald' in the SCA. Saint Gabe's has many, many well
      researched name articles and other research available. It is a great
      resource, which I've used for many years now. The search I just used for
      <Aryanhwy> turned up nothing. Here is the link
      http://www.s-gabriel.org/advancedsearch.html . Use brackets around the name
      in your search, because otherwise you will turn up loads of articles in
      which she is cited as a source.

      Although I do not know this for certain, my guess is that Aryanhwy chose
      and registered her name many years ago, because she has been writing
      articles for a long time now. This is relevant because the rules have
      changed through the years to reflect what we have learned as more people do
      more research, and the Society moves towards authenticity. Fantasy names
      can no longer be registered. There are still people in the SCA who have and
      use fantasy names, which were likely registered years ago, but at this time
      you cannot register names that cannot be documented as having been
      plausible in period.

      Try looking for a name on the St Gabriel website, it is a good starting
      point. http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/ . If there is a herald in your
      local group, try working with that person, or checking to see if they have
      a resources you can use.

      Best of luck!
      Alison Wodehalle

      On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 9:17 PM, Sheree <shereetheconqueror@...>wrote:

      > **
      > Hello all --
      > Recently I found a name that I quite like, but after a quick search
      > have found that a very well known member in the SCA is already using
      > the name (Aryanhwy/Aryanwy). Are there any spoken (or unspoken) rules
      > to using a similar/same name of someone in the group? Especially
      > someone who is very prominent? Additionally, because she is awesome
      > and has written a number of really helpful naming articles for all
      > sorts of time periods and cultures, I'm having a heck of a time
      > finding documentation and historical precedence for the name - all of
      > my searches keep coming up for her! Has anyone had a similar issue?
      > Thanks for your time!


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