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  • Jeff Suzuki
    Sep 12, 2012
      I see no problem with it.  In the modern world, we tell ghost stories around campfires, as well as fantasies about mythical beasts, like dragons and virgins. 

      It's worth drawing a parallel:  we've all heard Pensic battle stories.  But you can either tell it straight, as part of the game we all enjoy, or you can tell it as if it occurred in a real battle where there was a real danger of injury or death.  In the latter case, it didn't "really" happen...but the whole point of telling a story is telling a story.


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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Mythology
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      I had a random but interesting idea the other night, but not sure if it'd ruffle feathers since my persona would be involved with a mythological critter.

      I'm an 11th century Rus/Varangian and in the process of making my persona's trademark axe. I'm naming it after a female troll that I'm claiming lived in the area where his family originally came from in Sweden. Very small nutshell version: He claims to have killed said female troll and took two "trophies" from her: her scalp(horse tail) and a tooth (carved antler). I was planning on attaching them to the axe(since it'd be the weapon he killed her with).

      I was figuring it could make for a good campfire story, writing the story out in the style of the sagas, "scaring" children with tales of trolls, and just kind of an "ego boost" for killing a particularly nasty femme troll. But would it be too much of a stretch as far as the SCA is concerned?

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