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16854re: Modern-day monks' cloth

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Aug 27, 2012
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      <<< I found some lovely modern monks cloth at a thrift store - about 2 yards of 100% cotton fabric, off-white, a fairly loose weave, and was wondering what to do with it.

      I'm not into needlepoint arts, I'd like to turn it into some sort of period-looking garb, except that I'm not sure what - if anything - this sort of loosely-woven fabric would have been used for.

      Any suggestions? Any info???>>>

      I'm not sure if modern "monk's cloth" has any real connection with what the Monks wore in medieval times. As you may be aware, it certainly would not have been cotton. There's lots of arguments about how common cotton might or might not have been, but it would have been a high-priced fabric and monks would not have been wearing it. Of course if you or someone else wanted to use it for a monk's persona, either temporary or permanent, few would probably be able to tell it wasn't the wool (probably undyed) the monks would have worn.

      A little bit on monks and a tiny bit on their clothing:
      monks-msg (90K) 2/ 6/11 Medieval monks and orders. Monk's clothing.

      And some more info for those who might be interested in monks.
      nuns-a-monks-lnks (8K) 8/25/04 Links to medieval holy orders by Dame Aoife
      Finn of Ynos Mon. Nuns. Monks.

      Domin-Order-art (22K) 11/ 7/97 "Friars Preachers: The Dominican Order in
      the Middle Ages" by Mistress Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester

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