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16746Re: [SCA Newcomers] Question for newcomers

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  • bronwynmgn@aol.com
    May 1, 2012
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      Heathyr, you'll need to let us know where you are located before we can help you. This is a world-wide list for SCA newcomers.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster PA

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      When & where is the next newcomers meeting.....new to the area but an old member.
      Thanx Heathyr P

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      On Apr 30, 2012, at 6:07 PM, Alison Choyce <greenfaere@...> wrote:

      > Great questions! I am a costuming junkie, so I will jump in on this
      > question. For starting out, it is easiest to go with basics. If you ever
      > get into doing research yourself on your persona's culture, you may find
      > more information than you think.
      > Try to use linen and wool if you can (not everyone has the funds or a
      > source, but it was used more than cotton, and in more places and times than
      > cotton).
      > Linen was used for underclothing, veils, coifs, shifts, undershirts,
      > braies, etc. In the SCA we extend that to some of our outergarments as
      > well, because it is so comfortable in summer in the US, and has the right
      > 'drape' for period clothing. Try http://fabrics-store.com/ , they have many
      > colors, the medium weight is good for most uses, and the 3.5oz or
      > lightweight is great for lightweight shifts.
      > Wool was used much of everything else, gowns, cloaks, stockings, hats, etc.
      > Wool flannel has a basic tabby weave that used throughout period, and is
      > available from many sources in a variety of colors. They did have a variety
      > of interesting weaves in period, but those can be hard to get today,
      > especially in a cost effective version. Try
      > http://www.bblackandsons.com/and look under the flannel section.
      > Silk was available to those who could afford it. And cotton was available
      > but was more expensive than silk, and harder to get.
      > There are a few books you might want to look into. One is titled Dress in
      > Ireland by Mairead Dunlevy, and also the Warp Weighted Loom by Marta
      > Hoffman, which will discuss fabrics that would have been available.
      > As to colors, you might want to choose colors that look like they could
      > have been gotten with a natural dye, florescents are, to my eye, a bit too
      > bright. Fabric that we would call tartan or plaid today were certainly
      > woven then, not in the current way of thinking that a certain pattern
      > belongs to a specific family. Jacquard weaves were not possible until there
      > significant innovations in looms and weaving around the 14th century. So
      > tabby or twill (which can have many variations) were the weaves available.
      > Good luck!
      > Alison Wodehalle
      > On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 4:37 PM, Kathy Fletcher
      > <kathyfletcher99@...>wrote:
      >> **
      >> Sounds good, I can only add, that being a sort of newbie, I was, and still
      >> am, looking for info on garb, style of course, but fabric more so. What
      >> kind is best to make different pieces, can it have a print or stripe, what
      >> colors are "tabu". How can i be sure it is appropriate? My particular
      >> persona (I've been playing for a yr and half) is early Irish, so there's no
      >> "painted" examples like for much later. I can't really tell from statues,
      >> so where do you go for that kind of info? That may be too detailed, or
      >> specific, for a 102 class. Has anyone ever done a garb 101 class????
      >> And since I can't go to Pennsic this year, can I get a copy of your
      >> handout, unless you might do it at WOW?
      >> Thanks, hope I helped a little at least.
      >> YIS,
      >> Caissene
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