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  • Hjalmr
    Mar 25, 2012

      Several people mentioned I was being trashed here by a few customers that I had major problems with -so I thought I would step forward and defend my honor.

      I will not stand here and say that I do not make mistakes, or that I will go so far out of my way to suffer great losses, but I do feel that I go far and above what most armorers will do. Not everyone is satisfied, but 99% are.

      As for these two: Jim Bubb's helmet was shipped with a tracking number and the number showed it was delivered. I do insure an item if asked, but most people are satisfied with a tracking number -at least till its lost then they want their money back! I cannot respond to "his friends" problems since I don't know who he is -however I defy anyone to prove to me one of my helmets is not legal by SCA standards!

      John/Jon was a bit more complicated. I made the helmet 3 times with different measurements that he provided and yet it never fit. With 20 years of armouring experience I would have to say that he was the one that couldn't figure out how to take measurement. That, or he was expecting me to make the helmet fit like a custom glove. Most armourer strive for a 3 - 4" spacing for padding and that is my policy. The second and third helmet were slightly bigger then the first so for one to be too small and the other to be way to big......? Whatever! It is true though that I refused a refund because after 3 helmets (one supposedly lost) and several months - I was out several hundred dollars and I feel that I went far and above my part of the transaction and John/Jon obviously did not.

      Both of these people are on my do not deal with list. I am not saying to ignore them as it is wise to ask around -however there is such a thing as bad customers.

      For those who do not know; I make and sell low priced SCA legal armor and I barely make any profit at all. I do this simply to help new fighters get out on the field with good looking starter armor that won't break their bank account. you can see my stuff here:


      This will be my only response to these reviews. They told there side, I told mine -I will let you decide...

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