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16555re: A newbies plea: help regarding names.

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Jan 3, 2012
      <<< Can I register a nom de guerre (war name) as my official SCA name?

      Specifically, I would like the name "Carnifex Rex", latin for
      king", which I understand has it's noble implications, but as a nom de
      guerre I
      think it is fantastic. It can be applied TO the viking persona by his
      latin being fitting as abbeys and churches were frequent targets for
      raids, and wrote in latin. And it can also be applied BY the Templar
      persona, as
      a way of instilling fear in his enemies, again with latin being a huge
      factor in
      every day life for the Templar. >>>

      I'm not a name herald, but I don't think you can. I think it crosses
      the line into claiming a rank you don't have.

      Can you find evidence of anyone in those two cultures using a name
      similar to that in Latin or not?

      Your local herald would be the place to start, even if you aren't
      getting any response from your local group in general. After you've
      tried that route and if you get no attention, then I'd try your
      regional heraldic officer. You've started with the right on-line


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