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16553A newbies plea: help regarding names.

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  • carnifexrex@ymail.com
    Jan 1, 2012
      (Sorry if this was sent to you all, I am unfamiliar with Yahoo groups)
      Hey all,

      Most of you haven't met me, as I've only been to a couple meetings.
      However, I intend on ramping up on attendance.

      Anyhow, I need help with my name specifically. Ideally, a name that could be
      used interchangeably between a danish late-viking age persona, and a early 14th
      century Knight Templar Sergeant. I know these are two very different time
      periods, and cultures, however, I think an easy way to link them is to focus on
      early Norman culture, as they were descendants of vikings, and France later
      served as the birthplace and headquarters of the Knights Templar. Convoluted, I
      know. I have already been to http://www.s-gabriel.org/ as well as the naming
      pages on http://www.sca.org/officers/chatelain/newcomers.html, additionally, I
      have found a plethora of old norse names, as well as norman names. And now, to
      the real question:

      Can I register a nom de guerre (war name) as my official SCA name?

      Specifically, I would like the name "Carnifex Rex", latin for "executioner
      king", which I understand has it's noble implications, but as a nom de guerre I
      think it is fantastic. It can be applied TO the viking persona by his enemies,
      latin being fitting as abbeys and churches were frequent targets for viking
      raids, and wrote in latin. And it can also be applied BY the Templar persona, as
      a way of instilling fear in his enemies, again with latin being a huge factor in
      every day life for the Templar.

      I feel this would allow me to fluidly adapt my persona over a longer period of
      time, and should I finally determine which route I really want to commit to, I
      can create a more standard name.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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