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16548re: Candied Gynger

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Nov 18, 2011
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      I just posted this on the Gleann Ahbann list, and afterwards thought
      some people here might find this of use or interest.

      My apologies if folks find miscellaneous postings like this too off-
      topic. Let me know and I'll not do this.


      Froggie posted:
      <<< I need a recipe for or a very reliable source of candied ginger. >>>

      This file in the FOOD-SWEETS section of the Florilegium has quite a
      lot of information, how-to and recipes (period and otherwise) for
      making candied ginger and candying other fruits. (candied lettuce???)

      candied-fruit-msg (48K) 7/ 3/11 Period candied fruit. Recipes.

      The above file also explains why you will find different "candied
      ginger" in the store. Some is more of a jelly with ginger flavoring.
      Others are more like pieces of ginger that have been candied. There
      are also some comments on what to look for when buying candied ginger.

      Cndied-Ginger-art (14K) 5/ 4/07 Candied Ginger for Remembraunce - Two
      Versions" by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis

      I'm not sure where you are located, so it is difficult to recommend
      specific stores. I have found it in bulk sections of stores such as
      HEB and Whole Foods. I have also found it in bags as part of dried
      fruit and nuts displays.

      And for something that sounds really different, but I found somewhat
      bland following the period directions, see the candied horseradish
      root in the first file above.


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