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  • LCopland@aol.com
    May 3 9:41 AM
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      As is said before, yes many answers. For myself, I have been in the SCA for only about 5 years. I finally just chose a name based upon my Irish heritage and love of Eleanor of Aquitaine. However, I have various type of late period garb depending on the type of event that I will be attending. I have Tudor, Italian Ren, Irish Dress, even some sideless surcoats as well as tavern wear. I do kind of have my persona as a wealthy merchant class Lady who travels throughout Europe for merchanting and therefore comes into contact with various style of dress and customs.

      Yours in service

      Eilinora inghean ui Ruairc

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      As several people in the SCA keep saying - if you ask any SCAdian for an
      opinion, you will receive ten, and several of them will conflict.

      Tabitha Pennywarden
      Ravenslake, Midlands
      Middle Kingdom

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      Thank you all for your input, I'm excited to pick a name for use within
      the SCA. Your feedback was interesting as well as insightful, thanks again!

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      > Greetings and salutations!
      > I am a clumsy newcomer to the SCA and am debating on whether or not I
      should create a persona. I am under the impression that if I do indeed
      create a persona, that I must always wear garb that identifies with where
      and when my persona is from. Is this accurate? I wish to know because I am
      deeply fond of creating all different types of garb and do not wish to be
      restricted to one kind.
      > Kindest regards,
      > Amber

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