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16097re: We found a local group!

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Feb 1, 2011
      Maryelizabeth/Apollonia said:
      <<< I accidentally found out that there are a group of members that live about an hour and a half from us that are very active. They are not a canton but are part of Black Diamond, in Atlantia.

      My older son has decided that he would like to become a heavy fighter and the little one, an archer (for now).

      The friend who told me about the group (she didn't realize how close we lived to them) is going to pass my contact info on to their chatelaine.

      I think having the ability to interact with Scadias in our area will make being in Crown Lands a bit less lonely.>>>

      I hadn't realized from your earlier discussions that you hadn't found a local group.

      An hour and a half is still a long way away in some areas, but close in others. In the Phoenix area, that radius includes three baronies and I think another group of two. In Trimaris that could be most of the kingdom. The same in Caid.

      I do have this file in the SCA-INC section with some suggestions from folks in similar situations:
      sprd-out-grps-msg (12K) 5/ 3/10 Handling SCA groups spread over a large area

      If you can gather in some folks closer to you, forming a household can also help. In the early days of the SCA, official groups were few and far between, so households were seen much more.
      households-msg (34K) 2/ 5/08 Comments on households in the SCA.

      recruiting-art (16K) 7/13/02 "On the Recruiting and Retention of New Members" by Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.

      recruitment-msg (57K) 9/29/10 Recruitment ideas. Bringing in new members.

      Apollonia, had you previously tried the www.sca.org site? I had heard, although I've never checked it out, that there was a way on that site to plug in your location and find out the closest local groups to you. But perhaps this site does indicate the Black Diamond group, but not this offshoot of folks that are nearer to you.


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