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15792Re: [SCA Newcomers] I haven't posted in a while, but need a little advice/input

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  • bronwynmgn@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2010
      <<The tent for the boys is a 6' tall, 9' long a tent with two doors and sod flaps on the sides. Although they may be a bit cramped for an event or two, is this a good choice? My youngest has a Norse/Viking persona (he won't wear anything but tunics and trousers) so was interested in the tent as it would fit with his time period. My older son likes the Landsknecht (sp?) and at this time, a round pavillion is way out of the budget. (I looked at woodcuts and it seems they only used the round ones, please let me know if I am mistaken.)>>

      Don't get too worried about whether the tent fits the persona at the moemnt. Lots of people in the SCA use modern tents due to cost, lack of space to store/dry/haul canvas and poles, etc. Having used both, canvas is a LOT more comfortable, so I think you've made a good choice.

      <For beds, I was wondering, if covered well, is an Army-style cot fine for the boys? I can find these easily and they cost about the same as the materials for making them beds. The first event that we are attending is at the end of Oct and I really want to be sure that everyone is off of the ground. My husband is trying to decide between a slat bed and a rope bed, as I have printed out the plans for both.>>
      Again, lots of people use modern cots, air mattresses, etc, even inside period tents. Army cots will be fine, and getting yourselves up off the ground is the best choice you could make. As far as a slat or rope bed, things to consider with a rope bed are that a) the ropes don't always stay on when the bed is broken down for transport, which means you may need to restring it every time you use it (this depends mostly on the design of the bed), which is time-consuming; and b) the ropes stretch and need to be tightened. You may well find yourselves rolled together into the middle of the bed in the morning due to sag. This can be fun or not depending on your personal preference :-) You might guess that I really like our slat bed.

      <<For this first camping event, how many sets of clothes (garb) should we bring? For court, I was thinking of having accessories rather than a whole different outfit, to dress it up a bit.>>
      Plan for weather and layers. I generally bring one or possibly two gowns for a weekend, depending on how cold/sweaty/ wet I expect to get based on activities and weather. I generally find that I never manage to get into garb Friday night because by the time we are done setting up (we have a BIG pavilion and lots of junk) it is time to go to bed, and if I need garb on Sunday, I can usually rewear the gown I wore on Saturday unless it gets very dirty, wet, or sweaty. I always bring a heavy wool gown or a cloak for rain or unexpectedly cold weather, and a pair of wool socks in case of wet feet. I personally agtree with the accessories rather than fancy garb for court, especially for a camping event, but that's definitely a YMMV situation.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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