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15789Re: [SCA Newcomers] I haven't posted in a while, but need a little advice/input

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  • D'vorah bint al-Attar
    Sep 1, 2010
      On 1 Sep 2010, at 12:31 PM, Maryelizabeth wrote:

      > The tent for the boys is a 6' tall, 9' long a tent with two doors and sod flaps on the sides. Although they may be a bit cramped for an event or two, is this a good choice? [snip]
      > For beds, I was wondering, if covered well, is an Army-style cot fine for the boys? [snip] My husband is trying to decide between a slat bed and a rope bed, as I have printed out the plans for both.
      > For this first camping event, how many sets of clothes (garb) should we bring? For court, I was thinking of having accessories rather than a whole different outfit, to dress it up a bit. [snip]

      The basic questions about garb, tents, and bed that you should be asking isn't "Will other people accept it," but "is this what I can do and live with, right now?" If you've got T-tunics and trousers made of old sheets, an earth pimple (that is, modern dome tent) for every two people, and sleeping bags on the ground -- and if that's what you can afford and what you can live with, for now -- then you're good. The REQUIREMENT for SCA participation is an attempt at pre-1600s attire. The rest is wonderful to build up to, but it's basically just extras.

      Figure out what your SCA budget is going to be, and stick within it religiously. Figure in event/site/camping fees, tent costs, garb costs, furnishing costs, and accessories. Decide whether it's more important RIGHT NOW that you look great, or that your encampment looks great. Focus your attention the first year on garb, probably, unless your kids are still growing; for that, focus the kid-budget on a workable tent. A-frame tents are relatively easy to construct from scratch if you're doing it yourself, so that'll probably be the first workable period tent you get (or try out the SoulPad at http://www.soulpad.com -- and no, I don't work for them, I just really love my own SoulPad). After that, just build up little by little. Spend one year's SCA budget on garb, the next on tent(s), the next on furnishings, and then go back around for more garb. It can be easy and relatively inexpensive, if you let it.

      Remember, the SCA isn't a strict society. It's about what YOU feel is your most reasonable attempt at period garb. What you yourself can make, trade for, or pay for. Do your best WITHOUT going bankrupt. If you feel capable of more, then try more, but for now, just focus on what will be fun, affordable, and will enhance the experience for your family.
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