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15188RE: [SCA Newcomers] Hammered Dulcimer

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  • Kyla
    Nov 25, 2009
      Greetings Lady Merwyn,

      Welcome to SCA Newcomers.

      I hope you can find a good hammered dulcimer in Australia.
      Please take your time, and make sure you can try out any dulcimer that has
      been pre-owned.

      If you find you can't get a good dulcimer where you are, I recommend
      Songbird Hammered Dulcimers: http://www.songbirdhd.com/

      Their dulcimers are fairly inexpensive, as dulcimers go, (about $300 - 500,
      as opposed to $500 - 1,000,) and the lower end line all have the laminated
      birch option, which means they stay in tune - a large consideration when you
      have more than 50 strings to tune.
      They also have only 2 strings per course, so not quite as many to tune as
      you might have on a more expensive make - tuning can get pretty discouraging
      when you have 50 - 200 strings to tune every time you want to play.
      (I know someone who plays a larger instrument with 4 strings per course - he
      can't ever quite get the whole thing in tune, and he has 164 strings to
      tune, just on the one instrument!)

      Their basic model is the Phoebe, and it's a pretty good instrument for
      someone who wants to try out the dulcimer, but isn't sure this is the right
      instrument for them.
      There is also the next size up, the Whippoorwill, which is a little larger
      than the Phoebe, and is chromatic - easier for someone who is unfamiliar
      with how dulcimer scales are laid out, and perhaps unfamiliar with
      non-chromatic scales, not necessarily the best if what you want is to learn
      to play any hammered dulcimer.

      These are good 'student' instruments, very sturdy and well made - learn to
      play on one of these, and when you are ready to move on to a bigger, better
      instrument, you will have a good idea of what you are and are not looking
      for in a dulcimer.

      Other things to consider when buying a hammered dulcimer: Are the stand and
      case included in the price and shipping info? Does it come with a tuning
      wrench and diagram? What kind of strings are on it, and where can you get

      Good luck,
      Tabitha Pennywarden
      Ravenslake, Midlands
      Middle Kingdom

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      I live in Queensland, Australia ~ that bits important ~ and I'm trying to
      get hold of a hammered dulcimer.

      As a newby I'm obviously not after anything flash, fancy or expensive. I'm
      quite prepared to pay for shipping if necessary but would rather keep the
      cost down (who doesn't).

      Any recommendations, especially for Australia for getting one.

      Many thanks
      lady Merwyn aka Penny

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