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  • Ziddinaaitzumar@comcast.net
    Nov 11, 2009
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      No, no no, Lady Merwyn, don't give up on learning how to sew yet!

      I took [well, was forced to take...] a nine-weeks' class in sewing in the public school system in the USA, got a "D" [really, really bad grade], and was 'written off' as a future sewer by both the teacher and my mother.  That was when I was 13 years old.  When I turned 18, my mother took one look at me, realized she had a 'clothes horse' [someone who wears clothes well and WANTS LOTS OF THEM!!] on her hands...

      So what did she do?  Our previous, annual 'shopping trips' for my school clothes had always turned into shopping trips FOR HER, so the only contribution she made to my clothing expenses was to buy me a cheap sewing machine...

      Now, some 30-40 years later, that little 13-year-old who nearly FLUNKED sewing in school has won TWO AWARDS from the International Costumers' Association; at their 2005 convention, for my "Eternal Infernal Elizabethan" gown.  Not totally authentic in period (I used a serger on some of the interior seams), but close enough to pass polite inspection, provided the Laurel doesn't become too personal/intrusive...

      So, please don't give up on your sewing skills.  You probably just need to find someone who'll take the time to educate you in the proper techniques for fitting, as well as sewing.

      Besides, it's much cheaper, as well as [ultimately] more fulfilling...  Ziddina

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      Greetings dearest Elizabeth

      I thank you for your kind reply. I have had the pleasure of meeting the Baronesse Contarina and spoke to her about the possibility of getting some garb made.

      As I have attended a few events already and will be attending many more I'm actually after several outfits.

      I appreciate your information on possible sewing options but as anyone who saw my first (and only) attempt at making a basic tunic would say . . . getting someone else to make my garb is a good idea. Seriously, I really am THAT BAD at sewing.

      Thank you
      Lady Merwyn aka Penny

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      > Hi (again)
      > OK, knowing just how little I do about sewing I am now ready to give in and
      > buy a dress ready to wear.
      > I live in Australia but am willing to buy from overseas but am weary of
      > doing so without advice as I see costumes made of Satin or stretch velvet
      > and with gold trim etc.
      > Many thanks
      > Lady Merwyn aka Penny
      > ------------------------------------
      > Greetings from a fellow Australian, whereabouts are you located?
      > I would suggest you ask your group about loaner garb, good quality ready
      > made garb tends to be expensive (you are paying for the time somebody put
      > into research as well as the time they put into making it) but a lot of
      > SCAdians pass their old garb on to their local group when they can no longer
      > wear it (sometimes because it was an early attempt and they aren't happy
      > with the level of authenticity, but other times because it doesn't fit
      > anymore) that gives you time to get together the resources you need to make
      > your own outfit. The whole reason why loaner garb exists is for people who
      > are new to the society an easier introduction. There is rarely a problem
      > with you borrowing an outfit repeatedly. It's also worth asking in your
      > local group if anybody is willing to give you sewing lessons. Here in
      > Politarchopolis (Canberra) we have a weekly arts and sciences meeting where
      > people get together and work on projects if your group has something similar
      > that would probably be the best place to ask about learning to sew. Also if
      > you have a local college (university group) they will almost certainly run
      > some sort of basic garb making classes at the beginning of the next school
      > year to get their new recruits wearing something (though that would mean
      > waiting till February or March)
      > Other people have suggested good overseas merchants but if you are in
      > Brisbane you might want to look at Asa and Contarina's small luxuries they
      > sell good quality garb and have the documentation to back up what they sell
      > unfortunately their website http://www.aandcsmalluxuries.com.au/ isn't
      > really functional as a store (though you could email them) if you make it to
      > Rowany Festival next Easter their stall there is a good way to supplement a
      > small wardrobe if you've got the cash.
      > As for your question on patterned fabric brocades in relatively simple
      > geometric patterns (e.g. diamonds, checks etc.) is usually a safe bet. Have
      > a look at Cynthia Virtue's website for a quick guide
      > http://www.virtue.to/articles/modern_fabric.html it's not comprehensive, but
      > it gives you an idea of the sort of things to look for. Eventually as you
      > look at more and more period sources you will find you will develop an eye
      > for period styles and you will get a gut feeling for what looks period or
      > not (sometimes I _feel_ that something looks wrong and it takes me a while
      > to identify consciously what I have picked up subconsciously)
      > HTH
      > Elizabeth
      > -----------------------------------------
      > Elizabeth Walpole | Elizabeth Beaumont
      > Canberra, Australia | Politarchopolis, Lochac
      > http://magpiecostumer.110mb.com/

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