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  • ann
    Oct 1 8:37 AM
      I am looking for help with my mundane tent. I have a Sears Hillary II tent about 6 yrs old and would like to cover up the blue and orange part of the tent and try and make it all white so it won't look so modern. A period tent the size I have is too expensive for me right now and I don't think I could put it up by myself. Also my nylon tent dries faster and I live in an apartment with no place to set up a tent to dry, so I like my nylon tent. I wanted to either try and paint it or maybe cover up the blue and orange with white nylon like the tent is made of. Has anyone painted there tent successfully, if so could you please let me know how you did it? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Ann of Canton of the Towers (East Kingdom)
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