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14646RE: [SCA Newcomers] SCA song lyrics

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  • Kyla
    Jun 8, 2009
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      There are Yahoo lists devoted to SCA music.
      Try a search for SCA Songbook, or [Name of shire/barony/region/kingdom]
      You could also try asking on the list for the shire that hosted the event,
      in case the singer was a local.

      You didn't say where you are, so I can't offer anything more specific.

      Tabitha Pennywarden
      Ravenslake, Midlands
      Middle Kingdom
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      last event I went to, I caught a piece of a song, I know I "know" that
      but I can't remember how it goes. It was a song about 3 sisters out on a
      walk and they were killed by the brother using his pen knife.

      Anyone have the lyrics?



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