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  • svanarose
    May 31, 2009
      I am very glad to see someone saying these things to newcomers. Even though i am a newcomer, ive experienced just enough hassles, headaches and stressers about this to be able to advise other newcomers.

      The hassles, headaches and stressers i speak of DID NOT come from the SCA by no means. It came from just a handful of individuals that try and control things within their prospective groups.

      In the beginning i was led to believe i had to have a name chosen before i could join. Before i could submit a name, i had to have a persona created with a history of this persona. Even more such "have to" stuff. Once i debunked some of those things i began to enjoy this so much more. Basically because i was able to take things at a pace that was comfortable for me.

      The best thing i ever did for myself in this was reach out and ask questions to many. Reading the SCA site helps a lot.

      With all due sincerity and respect

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "Kyla" <skycat@...> wrote:
      > Hello Sarah, and welcome to the SCA and SCA Newcomers,
      > I think it's great that you want to develop a persona right away, but I
      > would like to point out that you do not need to have a persona, name or
      > device to become a member.
      > There is no obligation to ever develop a persona, or register a name.
      > You may, if you wish to, do all of those things, and I personally think it's
      > one of the fun parts of the SCA, but it is not a requirement.
      > That said, if you would like help finding a name from a particular time or
      > place, this is a good list to ask for help.
      > If you haven't found it yet, http://www.sca.org/ has a whole section devoted
      > to helping people figure out personas, names and devices, as well as some
      > basic garb and how to find the group nearest to you.
      > There are also links to other websites which are devoted to special
      > interests, like heraldry.
      > I myself enjoy rapier, target archery, singing, playing the bowed psaltery,
      > sewing - both garb and armour, cold working metal armour, leather working,
      > and recently I have been learning about couched embroidery.
      > My current name doesn't reflect my current interest in Persian garb and
      > music.
      > Not all of the things I am enjoying doing are appropriate for either the
      > Persian persona or the Elizabethan persona - nor is that a requirement - you
      > may try as many things as you wish to and have time for.
      > If you wish to restrict yourself to hobbies and activities that would have
      > been done by your persona, you may, but you don't have to.
      > Sorry about the lecture, but it's been awhile since it was last said on this
      > list, and I hope many new people will benefit from this advice.
      > Do your research, try lots of new things, but most importantly, have fun,
      > Tabitha Pennywarden
      > Ravenslake, Midlands
      > Middle Kingdom
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      > Subject: Re: [SCA Newcomers] New members!
      > Just wanted to introduce myself since we had a few other introductions. My
      > name is Sarah (no persona name yet). I'm not even a member yet, but I'm
      > finding a name so I can be. I just attended War Practice, which was my first
      > event, and I can't wait to get involved.
      > Some of my hobbies are: leather working, chainmaille, sewing, and metal
      > casting. I'm also interested in picking up competition archery.
      > That's about it. Thanks for the welcome everyone!
      > ~Sarah~
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