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  • Emily
    Mar 18, 2009
      I'm in Washington state but I'm close! Welcome!
      If you come south to some Seattle/Everet events I hope to meet you.

      I'm thinking about your question, "is there anything else we should know?"

      A couple of things come to mind.

      Call everyone m'lord and m'lady until your introduced, then you'll know if they have a title you should be useing. Lord and Lady are for folks with the AoA award. The titles get bigger as the awards and deeds get bigger.
      Along with the plates you might want to grab some mugs or heavy old wine glasses and silverware and bowls. At alot of events it's expected for folks to bring their own feasting gear. But someone almost always has some to spare too. :)

      Most importantly just have a good time. SCAers are THE nicest and most friendly folks in the world. Find a smiling face and introduce yourself. You'll get taken right in and be family in no time!

      Emily G

      I don't know if you have these links so I'll put them here at the bottom.
      Your local groups
      Guide for newcomers on the main site.
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