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  • Justinos Tekton
    Feb 15, 2009
      On Sun, 2009-02-15 at 20:09 -0800, Kristen Praiswater wrote:
      > I have an account with both, and I hope I haven't accidentally sent
      > anything to you and if I have I apologize for it. You know, I don't
      > even know why I signed up with them I don't use them at all.

      I don't think you did, Kristen, so this post is a general comment on the
      thread and *not* aimed at you or any other individual.

      In general, it is considered bad netiquette to post "please friend me on
      ____ social web site" to a broadly-distributed public forum. There are a
      few of the social web sites that actually retrieve your email address
      book and do that sort of stunt with little or no control of the user, so
      watch out which social network sites you sign into.

      As someone else pointed out here, those "free" social sites are
      ad-revenue supported. The reputable ones try to provide a useful and/or
      fun experience and hope their users will encourage friends to sign up
      and will themselves visit often, thereby generating a lot of banner ad
      traffic. No problem there. The less reputable ones encourage you,
      possibly with some automated "help", to spam all your email lists with
      the invitations.

      Inviting someone to be a friend on a social website is a great thing,
      but good netiquette says it should be done with a personal invitation to
      people you actually know, not "papering the world".

      As mentioned above, nobody has done this recently on the SCAnewcomers
      list, so this is not aimed at Kristen or anyone else who's posted
      recently. It's just general list moderation advice, since the question
      was (indirectly) asked.

      My recent MODERATOR post about someone needing to disclose their
      business interest in a message was not related to the Facebook thread,
      but concerned something else.

      Kind regards,

      List Moderator

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