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14208Re: - Facebook, " grouply" and other such schemes

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  • julian wilson
    Feb 15, 2009
      On Sun, 15/2/09, ann baltrush <abaltrush@...> wrote:
      Your not alone.  I have recieved request to be friends and join groupy, I just delete them too.  Ann of Towers

       Gentles all,
      Isolated in our tiny island, but giving online service as West Dragonshire's Hospitaller to a number of apparently-interested persons I've not met before, I have also had invites to either be a Friend or to join Grouply.

      So I asked our IT-professional younger son his opinion [he's also my SysAdmin.] - just in case I was missing valuable PR or recruiting contacts for the SCA.
       His instant answer was "no, Dad, don't join such "pyramiding" membership schemes  under any circumstances! The security risks to your PersSec. and your SysSec. are just too high. There are plenty of other ways genuine enquirers can contact you for living-history info!"
      So, ladies and gentlemen, any such "join-up" requests to me are likely to be deleted, particularly if I don't recognise the sender as a previous e-mail contact.

       If you want to find-out more about the S. of England SCA, then contact me/us through
      < www.westdragonshire.org >

      Matthew Baker,
       Hospitaller of West Dragonshire

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