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14043RE: [SCA Newcomers] Stepping out of lurking mode

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  • Kyla
    Dec 1, 2008
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      Hello Mawdelyn,

      If you are truly concerned about what this other person will think of your
      using a similar name, you could always ask her what she thinks.
      She may find it a compliment!

      If you can make it to a shire meeting, you could ask the shire at large, to
      see if it will bother them, as well.
      If your shire has a Yahoo list, you could ask on that.

      Tabitha Pennywarden
      Ravenslake, Midlands
      Middle Kingdom

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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Stepping out of lurking mode

      Hello all!

      I have been attending local meetings since May or so and even made it
      to an event, so I figured I should introduce myself and ask a
      question as well.

      I live in the Kingdom of Meridies in the Shire of Glynn Rhe. (that's
      Decatur, AL) I am interested in developing a 16th century English
      persona. Some of my interests are calligraphy (maybe illumination),
      chain maille, embroidery, games and who knows what else! Since the
      event I went to was a universitas I am really green on what happens
      at events. I do plan on attending Magna Faire this upcoming weekend
      though (and even roped a friend to join me so I wouldn't be all

      My question is that I have picked out a name tentatively (Mawdelyn
      Ables) but have noticed there is someone in my group with the name
      Maudeleyn already who is active and has been around for awhile I
      think. So should I just ditch the Mawdelyn and scrounge around again
      to find a name? Or does it really matter? Or does anyone have a
      suggestion? I like the name
      Madeline but I don't think that it is an English name (or at least I
      could not find any references as such.) It has taken me 6 months to
      find this name and I really don't want to give it up, but I also do
      not want to offend or make it seem as though I am copying her name.

      I would be open to any suggestions!!

      Stepping back to the corner again into lurk mode

      Susan errr
      Mawdelyn Ables
      (have to get used to calling myself another name!!!)

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