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13747Sideless surcote

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  • ladyellen2
    Oct 7, 2008
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      I'd like to make a sideless surcote for my next gown. I'd like it
      to be close to period. I have several questions:

      ~ Would a heavy cotton be good for the undergown? (kirtle?)
      ~ What would be a good fabric and pattern for a chemise underneath
      the above?
      ~ Would velvet (non-stretch) be good for the surcote itself? It is of
      a fairly substantial weight, and I have a LOT of it.
      ~ I have seen pictures that have the top part of the surcote in one
      fabric, and the bottom starting around the hips in another. Can I
      use a brocade-type fabric for the top?
      ~ Could I bead/jewel said top fabric? (note: this is NOT a heraldic
      surcote, I have no arms as of yet)
      ~ Where would I be able to acquire patterns for the above? (I want
      modest open sides, not the "gates of hell")
      ~ Are there any commercial patterns that are not too terribly warped
      to go off of? (note- I am a big girl, and will have to enlarge any
      pattern that I find. That's why I think I will like this
      style....it's LOOSE!)

      Any help is appreciated. This will be my first foray into 'period'
      sewing. I have done renaissance-ish for the faires, but it is time
      to move on up <cue theme>. Thank you. ;)

      Shire of Ravenslake
      Middle Kingdom
      Crystal Lake, IL
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