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13583[SCA Newcomers] Re: Question about joining

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  • Kathy
    Aug 22, 2008
      Don't be discouraged. This is my second year in the SCA and I'm still
      not 100% comfortable. It'll work out though, it just takes time. It
      has occured to me - why bother to recruit members if you're not going
      to retain them? I just went to my first Pennsic and as with other
      events - it seems a lot of the communication is within "cliches" (for
      lack of a better word.) But on the other hand, several people have
      taken me (and my boyfriend) under their wings for periods of time and
      have been AWESOMELY helpful and inspiring.

      In thinking about it, I remember that the SCA is hands-on, not for
      entertainment, like a Ren Fair. At one of my first events, there was
      only one other new person and me. Then, the other person left. I
      said "I hope you aren't staying here because of me." And, the old-
      timers replied: "No, we're here for each other." Now I know that's
      true. Sometimes when I go to events, it seems like there isn't that
      much going on, but then I realize the old-timers are largely there to
      hang out with their friends. I'm not discouraged, because I figure
      I've got the rest of my life to get to know them. And I'm assuming
      that that's a good deal of time even if I am in my 40s. ::grin::

      Good luck,
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