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  • wendy brown
    Aug 10, 2008
      I have a bachi ball set. We love to play.
      The funky looking letters are in the accessories... then system tools .... then character map.
      Have a great time in the sca.
      I am looking for info on a pirate game called Rhumb line. Any ideas?
      Ælfwynn of Lynford

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      I have recently started to delve into the wonderful world of the SCA myself.  Unfortunately, my wifes and my schedules in the mundane world do not make it easy.  However, we get out there and just do our best to "fit in".  At our first event, a demo, we asked questions, helped with set-up, tear down, I even learned how to play Pachi-ball(sp? ).  Great game...

      Anyway, as Saemund(sorry, don't know how to get the funky looking letters to come out) said, find a niche for yourself, start trying to arrange classes(the house closest to me has monthly scribal meetings, and the shire has weekly rapier and monthly fighter practice).  You want to make garb?  Ask the Hospitaller about it, he or she might be able to point you to someone who does a great job, and be able to show you where and how to get started.

      As far as being anonymous, using ones mundane name is great.  Unless everyone knows you by your mundane name because you have yet to choose an SCA name...like me.

      John, of Ansteorra

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