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  • Lovedaia
    Aug 3, 2008
      See why we love our Wiktor here in Calontir?

      Well said Dear Friend!


      BRYAN" Frank Douglas wrote:
      > I have been in the SCA for about 26 years, and have moved in and out
      > of a number of kingdoms.
      > First you should do what keeps you coming back. You can play with
      > any group you want were ever you live. I know a knight that for about
      > 5 years lived in New York, but only played in Texas.
      > As time goes on if you want to hold an office some kingdoms have
      > rules about how far a way you can live. Some time if an issue comes
      > up that you need to be a locale payed member to vote on , you may
      > lose your vote. This happens so rarely, I would not worry about it.
      > And rules may be different in your area.
      > Point being the more you play and learn about the workings of your
      > Area in the SCA, the more your locale group may open up.
      > I think that new people are the energy and magic that keeps the SCA
      > alive. It is easy for a person who has played in one area for years
      > to get a " this is my sand box" air about them. And because the like
      > there sand box they protect it from all invaders, with out thinking
      > that they were the new invaders once.
      > I think it is important to work towards supporting your locale
      > shire. Do not tear down or spread bad rumors. In most cases a lot of
      > bad politics is so old no one can remember what caused the problem.
      > And if a group is active at all there are and will be people that
      > feel the same as you in your area. it is your challenge to be there
      > to welcome them and spread the joy, not add to the negative.
      > Going to events is the best why to get people to open up, and know
      > that you are going to be there playing in there sand box so they
      > should make friends. Volunteering for anything is the best why to
      > show you are not going to kick sand in there face in there own sand
      > box. you are dealing with there fears about themselves, not if the
      > like or dislike you. having a loving nature is the best way to stop
      > fear.
      > --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com
      > <mailto:scanewcomers%40yahoogroups.com>, "tpeterson1937"
      > <tpeterson1937@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello to all! I will be forthright with you all and let you know
      > that
      > > I am writing under an assumed name. Please read on and you will
      > > understand why.
      > >
      > > I have recently joined the SCA. I have attended meetings for a few
      > > months (we meet every week) and attended my first event last
      > weekend.
      > > The reason I am writing under an assumed name, is because I do not
      > > wish to discrace or embarass or anger anyone in my group. So I will
      > > not disclose either the shire or the kingdom to which I will
      > belong,
      > > but rather post my question anonmously and hope for the best.
      > >
      > > Most of the members in my group have been in the SCA for years and
      > > seem pretty lackadasial (sp?) We do not have workshops at meetings
      > > (only fighter practices) so should I join another neighboring shire
      > > who DO have workshops and have interests closer to mine? Also, I
      > > realize these people have a history with each other, and though
      > they
      > > are on the surface friendly, I have had a hard time sharing and
      > being
      > > comfortable with them. For someone who is not a social butterfly,
      > > what are some ways for me to break the ice? I have so many
      > questions
      > > and just don't feel like they want to help me.
      > >
      > > On the positive side, they loaned me garb for my event and since I
      > > don't want to overstay my welcome and will be returning the garb
      > this
      > > week. I don't want to be seen as a leech or anything, but I have
      > just
      > > not felt like they were glad for me to be in the group.
      > >
      > > Some of the things I have tried was to ask individuals about their
      > > personas, how long they have been involved, what their interests
      > are
      > > etc. I feel like I have really tried to make conversation but it
      > just
      > > isnt happening. I really enjoy studying the time period and hate to
      > > think I would not enjoy myself and would not be able to be in the
      > SCA
      > > because of the above.
      > >
      > > So please if you all have any ideas, I would love to hear them.
      > > Please be kind as I am just two steps away from abandoning my
      > desire
      > > to join the SCA.
      > >
      > > Teresa from nowhere land
      > >

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