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13523Re: [SCA Newcomers] Question about joining

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  • Justinos Tekton
    Aug 2, 2008
      On Sun, 2008-07-27 at 22:21 +0000, tpeterson1937 wrote:
      > For someone who is not a social butterfly,
      > what are some ways for me to break the ice? I have so many questions
      > and just don't feel like they want to help me.

      Per my other note on this topic and comments from others, visiting other
      groups is certainly a right and proper thing. You might also find that
      you encounter people from your local group at events held in nearby
      shires, and that in itself may allow you to gradually become more
      acquainted with the local folk.

      Another good thing to do is to volunteer to help at an event, revel, or
      demo in the local group. Washing dishes after feast produces lots of new
      friendships. :-) I've done a lot of feast dishes, and these work tasks
      have turned into friendly discussions, war story swapping from events,
      and even bardic circles. (I actually had a couple of people come up to
      me at an event a few years ago and say, "We'll help do dishes if you'll
      start the sing-a-long circle like last time.")

      Volunteering doesn't necessarily mean holding an event staff job -- that
      may be hard to break into with an insular shire like the one you
      describe. But if you're at the event and you see people carrying chairs
      to set up for court or feast, offer to help. People will appreciate it
      and remember it, and next time you're at a meeting they are likely to be
      a bit more welcoming.

      Kind regards,


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