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12659Re: My Rant + My Suggestion: SCA heavy combat lacks any authenticity

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  • David Roland
    Apr 1, 2008
      With respect,

      You say all of this as if it were a bad thing.

      It is not. It may not be what _you_ want but that is okay too.

      If you desire, for yourself, to be more authentic, then by all means
      do so. There are many ways for yourself to do that in and out of
      the SCA.

      If you find that you are more into the "true" authentic side of
      things by all means go there. I put "true" in quotes because as we
      move forward in time the more we realize that what we just KNEW 10
      years ago about certain people, places, times and stuff just wasn't
      correct. But then, all we can do in the attempts of authenticity is
      the best we can with what we have at the time.

      I myself like the lack of authenticity in our heavy fighting. Much
      less blood and injuries that way and more people able to
      participate. However, I also enjoy those folks who have as period
      of a fighter kit as allowed by the safety injunctions of our rules
      and I enjoy talking with people who have researched period fighing,
      armor and weapons as well.

      But, as I intimated before, lacking authenticity isn't always a bad
      thing, it just depends on what your goals are.

      Ian the Green
      Chatelain - Shire of Grey Gargoyles
      Region of the Midlands
      Middle Kingdom

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "George C. P. M." <gcpm@...>
      > I'm just putting forth my observations as an outsider.
      > I'm not trolling and to prove it I've even come up with a solution
      > what I perceive as a grossly unauthentic aspect of SCA heavy
      > Purpose:
      > 1. Increase authenticity of heavy sword combat
      > 2. Decrease injury potential of sca weapons
      > 3. Thereby broaden the appeal to others (I knows lots of people
      > shun the sca solely because of the combat rules)
      > 4. Thereby increase fun
      > Authenticity:
      > Simply put,
      > Any steel sword light enough or short enough (gladius) to wrist
      > as quickly as an sca rattan sword isn't going to bypass plate
      > and certainly isn't going to slash/bludgeon with lethal force.
      > Any steel sword that can slash/bludgeon plate armor hard enough to
      > cause trauma is going to weigh far too much to wrist snap like an
      > sword. http://www.oakeshott.org/swdlect04.html
      > This is closer to perfect authenticity, but they are holding back
      > LOT and it's obviously WAY too dangerous. However, make note how
      > different it looks from sca combat where the people get close and
      > start wrist-snapping like crazy, landing 2 blows per second lol.
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGv7_6TjuCY
      > First, of course, the SCA rules would have to specify a minimum
      > weight AND minimum length.
      > Since sca swords are used to slash and pierce, I suggest throwing
      > all historical weights for swords designed solely for piercing
      > determining minimum requirements.
      > Based on the historical evidence I propose the SCA adopt a nice
      > easy to remember "3 and 3" rule. Where all one handed swords must
      > at least 3 feet long from pommel to point and weigh at least 3
      > pounds. A steel sword with these parameters could be used in the
      > slashing and piercing manner that sca attempts to emulate.
      > Now to the solution.
      > How do you make an SCA one hand sword weigh 3 pounds without
      > social events into bloodbaths?
      > Cotton fabric.
      > During my youth I played "fake swords and shields." We used the
      > wooden handles of toilet plungers and then wrapped a bed sheet
      > them. The weight was perfect, mimicking the pace of true sword
      > fighting and the fact that we were kids ages 13y/o (physically
      > negated the rigidity of the toilet plunger stick.
      > Now, if you take something more flexible, like heavy pvc and wrap
      > cotton sheet around the lethal portion (last 1.5 feet of length)
      > you will have something that is:
      > 1. Much closer or even perfectly weighted to mimick the movement
      > authentic slashing steel swords
      > 2. Far less injurious than a rattan stick, but still enough to
      > and enjoy wearing armor.
      > I'd be curious to hear what the "leaders" of SCA have to say about
      > this idea. I hope this organization isn't plagued by special
      > lobbyists to keep the rattan wrist-snapping around.
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