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12384Re: [SCA Newcomers] Re: First aid in the SCA?

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  • Justinos Tekton called Justin
    Feb 4 7:36 AM
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      On Monday 04 February 2008 09:59:38 David Roland wrote:
      > Being a fencer myself I can not tell you how
      > many times I have been TOLD to go eat pretzels or pickles.  Not asked
      > if I wanted them, TOLD to have them.

      With respect, I must dissent from this. Fighters and fencers are adults who
      have signed liability waivers. They are responsible for their own safety and
      health, and we who are Chirurgeons and Water Bearers have no right to order
      anyone to eat or drink anything.

      In years past, the Chirurgeonate has had problems with some of its more
      zealous members trying to _insist_ that someone needs first aid, and the Water
      Bearers in some areas have had similar problems with _insisting_ that people
      need to drink more water. We have worked hard, with lots of training and
      mentoring, to soften the well-intentioned but inappropriate pushiness, and
      in the process we have gradually earned more respect from the fighters we serve.

      Offer, yes. Offer with vigor, if the person seems to be a bit "out of it".
      But "no thank you" means "no thank you", and we owe the combatant the courtesy
      and respect of accepting that they know what is best for their own body. If
      you _really_ feel someone is far enough "around the bend" from heat exhaustion
      or low blood sugar to be a danger to themselves or others, our course of action
      should be to speak with a Marshal, not to take matters into our own hands, for
      it is the Marshalls who are in charge of the list field, not us. Also, the
      Marshal is a fighter as well, and so the same advice coming from a Marshal is
      likely to be listened to more than coming from a non-fighter.

      Ian, I understand that most of the people who "order" fighters to drink or
      eat don't literally think they have authority to do so, and that there is some
      humor involved -- that it's really meant to be more of a firm "nudge" than
      literally an "order" in the legal or military sense. But the problem is that
      some fighters don't see it that way, and thus we Chirurgeons and Water Bearers
      get a reputation of being overbearing nannies rather than the service teams
      we really need to be.

      As one of my mentors taught me, "Adults have the right to make their own
      choices, even if we think those choices are bad ones."

      Kind regards,


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