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12382Re: First aid in the SCA?

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  • David Roland
    Feb 4, 2008
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      "I guess, I just wanted to point out something I noticed last year. It
      seems we might need to think about amending the standard "Are you
      drinking water?" question to "Are you drinking water and when was the
      last time you ate something?" Just a thought."

      In the Middle Kingdom we do a pretty darn good job of this, I am proud
      to say. Every event that I have been too there is fighter food at or
      near the fighting lists. Being a fencer myself I can not tell you how
      many times I have been TOLD to go eat pretzels or pickles. Not asked
      if I wanted them, TOLD to have them. Usually its just "Ian, Drink."
      or "Ian, eat." Yes, I've also been politely directed to them as
      well. "Would you like some drink M'lord?" "Pretzels and Pickles

      The idea being that water is great, Gatoraid is great but you need to
      up your electrolyts and carbs too beyond what just water and Gatoraid
      can do for you. And frankly when you're fighting, either with rapier
      or rattan, you get stupid. I tell all my newcomers that as soon as
      that helmet goes on people get stupid and need to be directed to drink
      and eat for their own an other's safety. So help them out. If you
      are in armor and someone offers you drink of food, unless you slosh or
      just had some the answer is ALWAYS "Yes, thank you."

      And since I said to do it to others, I do it too. Not that I always
      want to.

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