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12182Re: [SCA Newcomers] Re:Arts & Sciences SCA Yahoo Groups for further info

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  • Ziddinaaitzumar@comcast.net
    Jan 6, 2008
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      Hmmm. Very interesting - thanks for the information! I am tempted to beat myself against the cliffs of authenticity like an ocean wave crashing against the rocks - in plain english - to try my skills against certain standards. But I am the Bionic Re=enactor! Ziddina

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      From: Michele Bouchard <angeisdescent@...>
      Ziddina asked: Does anyone know which Kingdom is the most intensely
      dedicated to authenticity?

      This is a curious question, although I admit my inter-Kingdom anthropology is terribly rusty.

      I can only speak for two kingdoms so far (Caid and Ansteorra), since that's all Ive lived in, but as I recall my home Kingdom of Caid was very supportive of those seeking to further their persona research, and make that commitment to try for a more authentic persona. I remember the Pas de Arms tournament becoming very popular amoungst the fighters, which was a documentable form of combat 'practice.' (Ill say here and now I am not a combatant of any kind, so my terminology might be sorely lacking.) I also saw a resurgence of period-looking headgear, period footwear, and even period ornamentation.....suddenly Wal-Mart belts and chunky necklaces that were 'passable' were absent in favor of beautifully hand-crafted bronze-cast plaque belts and gorgeous 'initials' chains draping across men's shoulders. It seemed to happen overnight, but I know it was only after a renewed interest in research and artistic expression (and lots and lots of hard work!) I have not really
      gotten involved with the local A&S community here in Ansteorra just yet.....it's a massive Kingdom compared to what Im used to! lol



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