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12160Re: [SCA Newcomers] Arts & Sciences SCA Yahoo Groups for further info

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  • bronwynmgn@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2008
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      In a message dated 1/1/2008 9:00:38 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      sandra.rangel16@... writes:

      <<Correct me if I wrong but isn't close if not near to impossible to
      create something 100% authenitic?>>

      In many cases, yes, because it's not always even possible, much less
      financially or otherwise plausible, for us to obtain the exact equivalent of the raw
      material that would have been used in period. But the fact that I cannot
      get wool from the same kind of sheep, raised in the same environment and on the
      same feed as Brangwayna would have done, shouldn't be taken as a reason not
      to try to do the best I can to replicate how she would have made the same
      garment in terms of cut, construction, and decoration. Getting those three
      factors right working with modern machine-processed store-bought wool is still
      going to get me a lot closer to the authentic product than throwing something
      together out of synthetics that looks cool.

      << As far as art/sci is concerned isn't there also a limit on how far out
      you can begin a project?>>

      I have no idea on this, as I have never used an art/sci competition as a
      reason to make something authentic. I neither enter nor judge art/sci, because
      I think that contests of this sort are a big detriment to the SCA, and for
      many an inspiration to fear trying to do something authentically. I think it's
      a lot harder to get up the nerve to make something that you know you are
      going to be judged on than it is to just make something to use. I have heard
      others say that they find art/sci a good way to get feedback and new ideas that
      help them learn to do things authentically, and I am pleased for them, but
      the few I've ever entered never worked that way for me. I either got
      pointless comments such as "I like it" or questions that would have been answered had
      the person bothered to read my documentation before writing the question on
      the comment sheet.

      << I think without the help of others it is practicily impossible for
      oneself to do so. Well that is along the lines of say garb.. >>

      And so it would have been in period, too. It would have been highly
      unlikely that a single woman in period would have raised her own sheep and flax,
      processed the raw materials as well as making all the tools to do so, made her
      own shears and needles, built her own loom, etc to make her clothes. That
      would have required extensive skills in animal husbandry, agriculture, metal
      work, carpentry, and a few other fields. She more likely would have purchased
      many of the tools, or relied on another craftsman to make them in return for
      some sort of barter, or even purchased woven cloth or even pre-made clothing.

      <<because you could do somthing as simple as soap.>>

      Is soap making really all that simple in the end? Making the lye, preparing
      the oil, all the tools to do so and the pot to cook it in, molds for it -
      again, I think it's likely that a soapmaker wouldn't have made all of these
      things themselves prior to actually making the soap.

      << I think when i approach
      authencity I figure if someone is goign to look at my garb and pick
      on me because I used a sewing machine or didn't use period shears
      (like you can really tell??) I will just "smile and nod".>>

      And so you should, if the person is just being rude and cutting you down.
      I've done the "smile and nod" routine myself more than once.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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