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12029Re: Huzahh, I Finished my first Tunic, and Cape

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  • Annie
    Dec 22, 2007
      --It's great that you were able to find many treasures to make your
      garb with. A couple years ago through an associate,I was shown how to
      make a t tunic dress with a couple different types of sleeves. I made
      myself one and one for each of my daughters. My oldest daughter at
      that time thought they were awesome.(We attended an event only this
      one time)...... She is a very newcomer(2 weeks) to the whole SCA
      thing that I didnt know until recently that she has been going to
      meetings and fighter practice for archery. She quickly realized that
      the type of sleeves of her dress got quite in the way of the bow
      string. So off we go again to make a proper garb for her new
      interest. We are hoping we have it sewn by Jan. 26th. Wish us luck.
      Thanks .- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "George" <goakes@...>
      > greetings group,
      > This newcomer, has finished his first Tunic, and Cape. By cruzing
      > thrift store, and the good will store, I was able to locate fabric
      > the cheap! A large round green tablecloth was easily turned into a
      > cape, and a Green cotton queen sized top sheet is the tunic. The
      > fabric was a set of cloth curtains which I cut into strips for the
      > A sewing machine found on Freecycle, and some thread, needle,
      > and pins, from Michaels completed the list of items required to
      > this garb. I posted pictures in the photos section, under Gavin
      > Kinkade's Tunic and Stuff
      > I also made the Chainmaile coif last month by purchasing materials
      > TheRingLord.com, I used Bright Aluminum for the coif so it wouldn't
      > to heavy, and hurt after a day of wearing.
      > Now to find some more period fabric...
      > It is real simple once you get started, newcomers be not afraid!
      > If a 40 year old man, who never used a sewing machine in his life
      > make a tunic, so can you :)
      > Peace all
      > Gavin Kinkade
      > Barony of Marcaster
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