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11807Re: Second event: I love these people

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  • sca_siobhan
    Dec 2 10:21 AM
      And that my dear is it in a nutshell.
      The SCA just ROCKS!!! =]
      Siobhan ui Culachain

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "Eva" <schultz6755@...> wrote:
      > Today I went to my second event.

      > It was incredibly comforting to have the van in front of me to
      > follow and to see the headlights of the scribe's car behind me, all
      > the way through the rain and ice and dark for the two hour drive.
      > Being an old maid (oops, I mean "Cool and Perfectly Confident and
      > Well-Adjusted Single Chick"), I am used to having to make do for
      > myself and be a tough girl when I'm intimidated by a situation.
      > Instead, these lovely people - most of whom I had never met before -
      > grouped up immediately to make sure I not only was safe but was
      > reassured and had a backup plan so I wouldn't be stranded.
      > Even having had so little experience with the SCA so far (your posts
      > being a part of that experience), I am struck by how wonderful you
      > people are, how chivalrous and welcoming and concerned about virtual
      > strangers. WOW. Bravo, SCA, and thanks!!
      > -Eva
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