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11805Second event: I love these people

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  • Eva
    Dec 1, 2007
      Today I went to my second event. It was a scribal and cooking event
      90 miles south of where I live (Pots and Pens in Hudson, IL - I live
      near Chicago). Given that there was an ice storm predicted for the
      last three days, you'd think I might have thought about staying
      home. But I really-really wanted to go, so away I went.

      I managed to get myself in a ditch just miles from the event. I
      scared myself pretty good and lost a bunch of time waiting to get
      towed back onto the road, but the car and I are okay. When I
      finally got to the event and told my story, one SCA lady ran for a
      cup of hot cider for me, and everyone welcomed me with warmth and
      kindness. We had a fun day of scribe stuff, classes, and WONDERFUL
      food. We all got not only site tokens but little handmade pinch
      pots for mixing paint for scribal projects.

      By mid-afternoon, though I was having fun, I was very tense about
      driving back home in the inclement weather. Seeing that I was
      getting worked up, a scribe offered to drive behind me, since he was
      headed in the same direction, and make sure I made it back safely.
      A lady gave me her cell phone number and said if the road was
      closed, I should call her, and she would direct me to her house and
      have me stay the night. Another group decided to caravan with the
      scribe and me, so off we went.

      It was incredibly comforting to have the van in front of me to
      follow and to see the headlights of the scribe's car behind me, all
      the way through the rain and ice and dark for the two hour drive.
      Being an old maid (oops, I mean "Cool and Perfectly Confident and
      Well-Adjusted Single Chick"), I am used to having to make do for
      myself and be a tough girl when I'm intimidated by a situation.
      Instead, these lovely people - most of whom I had never met before -
      grouped up immediately to make sure I not only was safe but was
      reassured and had a backup plan so I wouldn't be stranded.

      Even having had so little experience with the SCA so far (your posts
      being a part of that experience), I am struck by how wonderful you
      people are, how chivalrous and welcoming and concerned about virtual
      strangers. WOW. Bravo, SCA, and thanks!!

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