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11413Re: [SCA Newcomers] Hello!

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  • bronwynmgn@aol.com
    Sep 15, 2007
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      In a message dated 9/14/2007 8:22:37 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      night_angel0126@... writes:

      <<Hi, I am really interested in going to an event but i am just well
      scared. I don't want to look or act like a fool and I really haven't
      found much info as to when an event is going to happen in my area
      (central jersey). But mainly i am really scared and nervous. Any ideas
      opn how not to be a fool, and what i should do to find out whats going
      on in my area?>>

      Central Jersey is a very active area, and some really nice folks whoa re
      pretty good about looking out for newcomers, I think. For what's coming up, got
      to _www.eastkingdom.org_ (http://www.eastkingdom.org) . In the menu on the
      left is a "Local Events" calendar. Everything should be listed by both the
      name of the SCA group and the county the event is located in.

      How not to look like a fool:

      Look at some books (DK kids books are great for this) on the Middle Ages to
      get an idea of what to wear and see if you can find something like that. If
      not, call the "autocrat" (person running the event - they will be listed on
      the website) and ask about loaner clothing.

      Bring a mug, plate, utensils, and a bowl if you are going to be eating at
      the event.

      Don't be afraid to do two things. One is to let people know that you are
      new as soon as you arrive and whenever you want to ask what someone is doing or
      what something means. Two, if you see something you think you can help
      with, like rearranging tables and chairs, volunteer to help.

      Take a moment to see how busy someone is before you start speaking to them.
      If they look really harried, try to find someone else to ask.

      Hope that's helpful, and welcome to the East!

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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