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11318Re: [SCA Newcomers] A good, reasonable source for material

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  • David Backlin
    Sep 5, 2007
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      Subject: Re: [SCA Newcomers] A good, reasonable source for material

      > Not that I'm a serious Goodwill rater but something I
      > have noticed is that the Goodwills that do training
      > with folks with disabilities are just better. There
      > shops will have a better and classier selection of
      > clothing and goods. Look for the ones with CAREER
      > CENTERS in them as a tip off.

      In Arkansas, we have "Abilities Unlimited" which helps the disabled as well.
      Their stores vary in quality, though. Some are near immaculate, some look
      like someone backed up the dumptruck and unloaded. They seem to get a lot of
      old computers and peripherals.
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