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11311Re: [SCA Newcomers] A good, reasonable source for material

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  • Labhaoise O'Beachain
    Sep 4, 2007
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      As a dumpsterjumper from a long line of same, keep your eyes open and
      deny them nothing, anything you want can be had.....

      Say what is period for dumpsterjumper, middenhopper just doesn't
      sound right....

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, wendy brown <cas46per@...> wrote:
      > Thank you so much Pardus but I am afraid Athens is too far off a
      distance for my carriage. We are in Cleveland.
      > I hope to someday find such a deal on fabric so that I may sew a
      few more outfits. A lady donated me a few simple ones and they are my
      > I still have to learn to work in them. I was gathering branches for
      the fire when my gown caught a branch and I fell. It is so nice to be
      around such caring people. There's always someone listening for the
      slightest plea for help.
      > Have a good time at the events this fall.
      > Ælfwynn
      > Shire of Beau Fort
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