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11289Re: [SCA Newcomers] making garb

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  • Crystal ortiz
    Sep 1, 2007
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      Welcome to the SCA!!!

      In truth I've used commerical patterns several times
      and then (with research) adapted them to a more
      historically accurate garment. I have however made my
      own patterns using (don't laught) a t-shirt, masking
      tape and sisscors. Not to mention making damn good use
      of the laurels in my kingdom. I currently wear a good
      deal of german garb which is quite form fitting and
      with the use of a mannaquin it certainly does help!!!

      I hope this helps?

      --- sylance123 <emily.clark@...> wrote:

      > I am new to the SCA but not to sewing, atleast from
      > patterns. I really
      > like to get patterns and morph them to something
      > else closer to what
      > i'm going for. but I've never really been able to
      > make my own patterns.
      > i was curious to know if most of you make your garb
      > without patterns or
      > if you use patterns already made but just redo them
      > to what you need?
      > also, doew anyone have one of those manakin (i don't
      > know how to spell
      > it) that are specifically used for fashion, the ones
      > that can be
      > adjusted to be certain measurements? do you find
      > that ahving one of
      > those helps or is just nice for fine tuning garb
      > rather than building
      > on?
      > and also, does anyone know any good sources for
      > irish or scottish garb?
      > namely gaelic but i'm still unsure of what i'm truly
      > going for in time
      > period.
      > thanks for your help!

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