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  • jbjt30@juno.com
    Aug 3, 2007
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      Dear Coblath and the original poster and to the rest of the good people on this list,
      >Persona is an entirely personal matter. You can choose any persona you
      like, or no persona at all.
      So true, I was goint to mention that if someone didn't beat me to it, thank you for saving me the trouble.

      >We have a couple of peers in our barony who "never come to events", but often "send their servants" (i.e., show up under another name, dressed as lower-class, and have a high old time). Our Baron (who holds our kingdom's highest honor for persona play, himself) typically goes along with the game. One might, for example, be given an award for service, but have the usual, "I've seen him helping out in the kitchen at every event for the past three years. . .," explanation rephrased to something like, "He's sent his servants to work in the kitchen. . .." Similarly, some members of our populace attribute their A&S efforts to "employees", offering statements like, "I'm having a dress made in the loveliest shade of crimson. My seamstress is just working on the beading of the sleeves now."

      >Alternate, lower-class personae are also popular tools for those who'd
      like to occasionally behave outrageously, without affecting their
      primary personae's reputations. There's a local Laurel who bears a
      remarkable resemblance to a certain disreputable character who shows up
      from time to time selling false letters patent or trading in debased
      coins. Nobody knows the fellow's name, and if you address him as
      "m'lord" he chortles and says something like, "Oh, I ain't no lord, me!
      Mercy! What a thought! 'Lord,' she says!" A friend of mine has an
      alternate persona that was recently called into court, chastised for
      her loose behavior (running around in public at a past event in her
      shift), accused of theft (of something belonging to her primary
      persona), and ordered to return to service with her former mistress
      (said primary persona). Her mistress' husband came in to take charge
      of her, and assured the Baron she'd be watched closely and given enough
      work to keep her out of trouble. The servant only ever shows up at
      local revels, flirts with all the men, and complains about how uptight
      her mistress is. She has everybody laughing every time she's around,
      but she's definitely not the kind of person you'd want representing the
      Barony when, say, the Queen was present.

      >What you want to remember is that, if you have a real, fully-developed
      persona, your behavior will be determined by your social position. Our
      patent-selling commoner slips away quietly when members of the guard
      are about, for example, while his Laurel doppelg´┐Żnger wouldn't hesitate
      to send one of them on an errand.
      What wonderful persona stories. I really enjoyed them. Do you have anymore? I could read for hours about fun things a persons persona gets into. These were wonderful! Thanks for sharing not just your stories but also your wise insight to this situation. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is not only do some people not have a person at all while others have an alternate persona some people even have several personas. They are all differentiated by what that person wears or what accent the use when speaking, etc. Maybe to explain differant behavior or sometimes with the garb horse to explain wearing differant types of garb from differant time periods and countries.
      So I say don't worry to much about the "were all of Noble birth" thing unless you just really want too.

      Fair the well,
      Fa'rissa of the Outlands

      >Coblaith Mhuimhneach
      Barony of Bryn Gwlad
      Kingdom of Ansteorra

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