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10667Re: [SCA Newcomers] dating kilts (was: Fabric Patterns)

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  • Elizabeth Cember
    Jul 2, 2007
      And didn't "plaid" mean "fold" back when?


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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] dating kilts (was: Fabric Patterns)

      Krezye Padreyk wrote:
      > The earliest mention of Scottish Kilts was in 1594 so kilts are in
      > fashion with in the SCA time frame though only in the very late period
      > and only the earliest of kilts.

      > Isnt' that the formed kilt though. The great kilt was found much
      > earlier wasn't it? I always thought it was.

      The garment typically called a "kilt"--the skirt-like article sometimes
      known as "the small kilt"--didn' t exist until at least the end of the
      17th century, according to all the evidence I've ever seen
      <http://www.reconstr uctinghistory. com/index. php?c=8&d= 117&a=130& w=2>.

      The garment sometimes called "the great kilt" is more properly known as
      "the belted plaid". It's not at all skirt-like, but a cloak/blanket
      with a belt worn over it, the bottom part of which hangs down around
      the legs. Everything I've seen indicates it was first worn in the late
      16th century
      <http://www.reconstr uctinghistory. com/index. php?
      c=8&d=117&e= &f=&g=&a= 132&w=2>. The description of Scots in belted
      plaids in "The Life of Red Hugh O'Donnell", published in 1594, might be
      the "mention of Scottish Kilts" to which Krezye Padreyk referred.

      So, if it only becomes a garment when you put a belt on over it, it's
      appropriate to the tail-end of the S.C.A.'s period. If it's got a
      waistband, it's not appropriate to any of it.

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