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  • pam
    Jun 7, 2007
      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Sara L Uckelman <liana@...> wrote:
      > Quoth "Billy Miller":
      > > the tunic, but the neck at this point is just a raw cut. Anyone
      got any good advice about what should be done with the neck? Weblinks
      are always appreciated!

      If I may be so bold as to add some more ideas..... Mark the shoulder
      line, neck to sleeve, with a pin or something. Then try to center
      the "soon-to-be-sewn" neckline so that 1/3 of the opening is on the
      backside and the other 2/3's are on the front of the shoulder line.
      You will be much more comfortable if the neckline isn't pulling across
      your throat.

      If you don't wish to mess with a front slit in your neckline, do a
      little geometry to figure out what diameter hole you need to get the
      tunic over your head.

      1) Measure around your head. 2) Take that measurement and divide
      by "pi". Very easy to do if you have a calculator with a "pi" key, or
      use the simplified 3.14. For example, if your head measured 24 inches
      around, it would be 24 divided by 3.14 = 7.64. That means you want to
      make a hole for the neckline that is about 7 3/4" in diameter, or a
      smidgen larger.

      2) If you aren't handy with circle making, find a pot lid or plate
      that comes close to the measurement and trace it on a piece of paper,
      then lay the paper on your tunic piece and mark the circle. If your
      circle is a bit smaller than the needed diameter, keep in mind that
      you can sew just outside the marked circle to increase the size of the
      circle. (Be careful - if you add 1/4" to the diameter, the hole
      becomes 25" around instead of 24". Make very gradual increases if you
      want to control the size of the opening.) If you are handy with your
      computer, the "draw" function in Word allows you to create circles and
      you can see the diameter at the bottom of the screen.

      Hope this has been some help, but by the same manner, you may have
      already figured all of this out.


      College of Brymstonne
      Kingdom of Atenveldt
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